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Leadership requirements might continue to evolve but the need for high-perfoming
Leaders/Executives remains constant. Its integral to an organizationsperformance & sustainability.

Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Our understanding of different industries, and their functional roles, combined with an assessment process to find the Right leader to the Right Task meeting an organizations unique leadership needs.

Executive Search Process

Our objective is to support our clients during all phases of a search. We focus to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates , which includes five main phases:

Understand Search Priorities

  • Analyze the challenges unique to the organization and the role

  • Determine the skills, knowledge and abilities required, offering insight and fresh perspectives on how clients can think about their needs; when appropriate, challenge client assumptions and present alternative ideas for how to conceive a role

  • Develop a customized position and candidate specification, detailing the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications and competencies required for success

  • Determine the client priorities that will shape the search process

Finalize the Search Strategy

  • Conduct targeted research into companies and sectors to find those with relevant skill-sets and qualifications, supplementing our extensive knowledge of and relationships with board directors and senior executives across industries and functions within the talent pool.

  • Talk with third-party contacts to identify & qualify prospects; as this referencing work.

  • Prepare a list of prospects best qualified for the role, for client to consider.

Search & Evaluate candidates

  • Approach potential candidates to test their interest in the role, drawing on our insights about candidate interests and aspirations to persuade strong prospects to consider new opportunities

  • Conduct rigorous competency-based interviews with candidates based on the proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes outlined in the position specification

  • Develop a detailed tracker of candidates as per skill set, qualifications and interest in the position

Present the Best for Interviews

  • Present the most qualified candidates based on our written analysis against the specification.

  • Drawing on informal external views on each candidate to confirm and enhance our knowledge of the candidate’s achievements and track record, provide meaningful insight into past performance and reputation.

  • Executive assessment tests, as & when required.

  • Verify each candidate’s academic qualifications.

Complete the Search

  • After the client has selected its preferred candidate, conduct thorough background checks and referencing to further assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide external views of the individual.

  • Assist in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help finalize the search.

  • Communicate regularly with client and placement during transition.

  • Conduct client satisfaction survey to improve service and refine approach.

    Periodically follow up with client and candidate once search is closed, checking in on the placement’s fit with the organization and the progress of the transition.

We support your entire outsourcing lifecycle from setting direction right through to taking your products/services to market. Our start-to-finish (turnkey) solutions minimize risk, especially if you’re looking to enter a new geography, or for technology to expand your product portfolio. Our strong network allows us to enable strategic partnerships to help you succeed.


Our customized solutions are designed to adapt to your future business needs and deliver flexible and cost optimized, solutions to help you succeed


Organizations are constantly in need of hiring the right talent, at the right time, while still facing the challenges of compliance, quality, scalability, cost etc.

Our RPO services enable companies to streamline their TA & recruitment process. It supports them by outsourcing majority of the recruitment overheads so that they can only focus on defining requirements and final selection of talent.

Our consultants are highly skilled and well versed in a particular industry sectors that enables them to have a thorough understanding of the assignments & support them quickly. Thus present only the “right fit” candidates and also support the entire onboarding process.

Multi Process HRO

We help further by solving co-employment issues and providing the administrative management of temporary employees, including workforce management, payroll and benefits administration as its core components.

The people who know

top talent

For every engagement, your team is hand picked from our network of experts who know

your business and industry.

In todays times of business challenges in shifting market conditions and ever-increasing customer expectations, & law dynamics, we help organizations with their leadership decisions, in a very disciplined approach & sound judgement to every assignment.

The need of finding the interested & qualified profiles thoroughly vetted is all the more now, at a time when online job listings allow candidates to just  flood the applicant pool, making it all the more challenging than ever before for hiring managers to identify the right talent

Hence the Network ,Technology & Database,  works as a catalyst to our research processes to help our market insights.

Qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate and describe recruitment candidates.

  • Business-to-Business Research : B2B  Market Research - General

  • Business-to-Business Research : B2B Research With Executives & Professionals

  • Customer Satisfaction / VOC/Online surveys : Employee Surveys

  • Interviewing - Audience : Interviewing - Executive & Professional Audiences

  • Qualitative Services - Moderating : Focus Group Moderators - Executives & Professionals

(Our clients save time from reviewing unqualified candidates. We manage applicants, you interview top talent.)